We are a team of 65+ students – from various academic and cultural backgrounds - developing innovative Hyperloop technology with the aim of revolutionising the transportation industry. We are comprised of 7 technical divisions and 3 business divisions, each focusing on a specific aspect of the pod. Our academic and industry advisory board, along with several partners, aided our process of designing the first English Hyperloop pod. We were selected to take part in the semi-finals, and being among the top 35 teams out of 1600+ in SpaceX’s globally recognised competition. We are the 1st English team to take part and you can join us on achieving our goal of winning the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition 2020.

We’re really proud to be supporting our friends at Warwick Hyperloop who are doing some ground breaking work on a really innovative project. It’s a great team to be a part of and an amazing opportunity to get some truly unique experience. To find out more, check out the links below.