Warwick Engineering Society has its very own Outreach Team comprising over eighty volunteers grouped into several sub-teams. This team supports some of the society's main functions, with many members going on to become part of the executive team in future years. Joining the Outreach Team is a great opportunity to develop your skills and professionalism, enhance your CV and meet some fantastic people! 

As part of the Outreach team you will have opportunity to gain new skills and experiences with our outstanding executive team, from helping run our thought-provoking and engaging conferences, to giving your own thoughts and opinions on how our events are run.

if you want to sign up for the outreach team, follow the link here


Conference Team


This team helps run our biannual conferences. They tend to be grand affairs with 400-500 delegates and prominent speakers from all around the industry. This team is a great opportunity to build your professional network and develop logistical skills.


Magazine Team


We publish a termly magazine, "The Warwick Engineer", featuring insights from students and employers alike. Joining this team is a fantastic opportunity for students of all years and streams to write and read about current technology advancements and experiences of working/interning at major firms. This is a great addition to your CV and there are a variety of roles available for writing, editing and designing artwork. All of our previous issues are available here.


Publicity and graphic design team


We’re currently looking to add a few new members to our Publicity and Graphic Design Teams. If you’re enthusiastic , creative or just want to improve your photoshop skills, this is a great opportunity to develop your professional skills.

technology Team


The technology team is the perfect team for you to join if you have a keen interest in the workings of digital infrastructure. This will involve working closely to support our Head of Technology throughout the year and especially at our events such as at EngCafes, Site Visits and our Conferences. While having a good sense of familiarity with programming languages is desirable, the willingness to learn and get stuck in is much more important.


Socials and ball


Looking to have a bit of fun? This is definitely the team for you. We’re putting more importance into our socials so that we can bring Engineers together allowing us to keep members at the core of our society. There will be bar crawls and circles, but most importantly the unmissable annual Ball and our inaugural Tour during Easter. You can get involved in this hectic schedule and also get experience in planning and executing events!



We really boost the amount of projects this year. As well as working alongside Warwick Moto and Warwick Hyperloop, we’ll also have some projects to offer for you to get involved in. But most importantly, if you have a project that you’d like to do, we want to hear about it. Get in touch, let us know and we’ll do what we can to get a team together and make your idea a reality.