Elections to the Executive Team are held every yearly towards the end of February. To see the current team, click here. Here are some details about the available roles:


The President is the figurehead of the Society. They are responsible for setting goals and objectives, managing the Exec team and overseeing all corresponding activity. They also liaise with all the main stakeholders including internal and external partners. 

This role involves:

  • Guiding the society through the planning and execution of events over the year.

  • Supporting the exec with their roles, acting as a 'coach' - not a 'cop'.

  • Helping to secure sponsorship for the year ahead.

  • Building and retaining relationships with the many sponsors (School of Engineering, WMG etc) as well as external sponsors.

For this role, you should:

  • Be very organised and driven, and have a strong vision for the society.

  • Be confident in public speaking and building new relationships with companies/partners/sponsors.

  • Be willing to lead the rest of the exec team and help overcome challenges as they arise


The Secretary helps run things smoothly in the society. They organise and chair meetings, book rooms, write minutes and communicate what is going on to your members, to keep them interested and involved. The Secretary may be asked to support other areas of the society, such as sponsorship acquisition and event planning.

This role involves:

  • Organising and taking minutes in the weekly exec meetings

  • Coordinating with other exec members to ensure that the actions discussed in meetings are carried out successfully and within deadline.

  • Generally responsible for making sure the other exec members are able to fulfil their roles and stepping in where necessary if such a problem arises

  • Writing the weekly emails which are distributed to all members of the societ

For this role, you should:

  • Be versatile and organised, with the ability to quickly respond to changes or urgent matters

  • Be able to communicate accurately and concisely - a large amount of what the secretary produces is written documents (minutes/emails etc)

  • Be willing and able to motivate and push the exec to achieve their best.


The Vice President supports the President in leading the society. In the Engineering Society, the Vice President traditionally oversees the planning and execution of the largest events the society does – e.g. the conferences, forums and summits.

This role involves:

  • Organising the society’s conferences, which each year brings hundreds of students and industry leaders together to talk about topics relating to technology, energy, sustainability and more!

  • Communicating with a wide range of organisations and bodies to source speakers.

  • Standing in for the President where necessary.

For this role, you should:

  • Be very organised and driven in order to plan and run large conferences.

  • Possess event management, communication, and time management skills.

  • Be willing to lead a Conference Team and support other exec members in their role.


 This exec member leads the sponsorship hunt over the summer holidays and autumn, liaises heavily with the President to decide strategic aims for the year, liaises with the Treasurer to create sponsorship contracts, and supports the EngCafés and Conferences where possible.

This role involves:

  • Pitching our sponsorship packages to prospective sponsors to create lasting relationships with many engineering, energy and tech-related companies.

  • Where possible, support the Co-Head of Talks and the Vice President with careers events and the conferences respectively.

  • Working with the President and Treasurer to secure sponsorship for the year ahead.

For this role, you should:

  • Be a confident networker. Proactively go to careers fairs and networking events to meet prospective sponsors or partners.

  • Be able to liaise with and respond to companies in a professional and timely manner, and prepare stakeholder reports to keep sponsors updated about our activities.

  • Be organised and have good communication skills.


As Treasurer, you have responsibility over the society's finances, both in the long term and in the day-to-day operation of the society.

This role involves:

  • Overseeing and maintaining current finances, requiring numerical competency, attention-to-detail and an understanding of the financial statements.

  • Coordinate and assist other exec in their efforts to raise sponsorship and achieve sales of tickets etc.

  • Forecast for the year ahead - prepare budgets for each main event.

  • Keep track of sponsorship payments to ensure the SU receive the money promptly.

For this role, you should:

  • Build good relationships with the relevant societies coordinators and SU finance staff to help speed things through.

  • Be organised and maintain your own account of society finances instead of solely relying on the SU’s system. 

  • Be proactive in supporting sponsorship acquisition and filling out required paperwork.

HEAD of industrial relations

The Head of Industrial Relations organises our very popular off-campus site visits to engineering companies and research centres, helps facilitate IET & IMechE networking events and provides conference support. (Formerly known as Site Visits Officer)

This role involves:

  • Planning and organising an interesting and varied calendar of site visits.

  • Working closely with the Treasurer, Head of Sponsorship and SU to ensure all trips are financed and planned in advance.

  • Promoting the site visits to all members. Helping to sell tickets for events, including our signature 'PDR Point Packages'.

For this role, you should:

  • Be organised and driven, and plan well ahead. Support the EngCafé events where possible.

  • Be able to liaise with and respond to companies in a professional and timely manner.

  • Have a good knowledge of the engineering sector and identify suitable companies to visit, and be First Aid trained. 

CO-HEAD OF TALKS (2 positions)

The two Co-Heads of Talks organise academic sessions to support members with their studies, and oversee the weekly EngCafe sessions. They also liaise with the Head of I.T. and Secretary to promote internship and career opportunities for the members.

This role involves:

  • Supporting members by organising academic sessions to offer course support.

  • Overseeing the weekly EngCafe speaker series, which bring together topics such as research, career progression and academic help.

  • Start to develop more engaging and interactive careers-related events, where students can actively participate in an activity or do something hands-on.

For this role, you should:

  • Be organised and driven, and plan well ahead, Liaise with the Head of Sponsorship and Head of Industrial Relations.

  • Have a good understanding of the course and be able to run academic events.

  • Be able to plan and promote interesting EngCafe sessions which cater to all members.


The Equality and Welfare Officer is a fairly new role, involving making sure members of the society feel welcomed, comfortable with their transition to University life, and serving as a mentor figure. 

This role involves:

  • Running sessions where students, particularly Freshers, can voice their concerns about the course and University life.

  • Hosting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion themed events which are very popular with industry at the moment. Help the Social Secretaries host fun and inclusive social events.

  • Directly in charge of recruiting Freshers Reps in Term 1.

For this role, you should:

  • Being approachable, friendly and a champion of equality.

  • Be able to liaise with and respond to companies in a professional and timely manner if hosting events.

  • Be able to support other members of the team, and also members of the society.


The Outreach Officer co-ordinates the society’s outreach team, and communicates with local schools and works with the SoE and WMG to deliver widening participation events.

This role involves:

  • Lead the outreach team, from recruiting members, supporting training and managing events.

  • Contact local schools and youth groups to arrange sessions, as well as helping with events with WMG and the SoE.

  • Support the society’s operations and events, particularly with the conferences.

For this role, you should:

  • Be organised, good at planning events and managing logistics. Serve as a 'HR' member for the society.

  • Be able to work closely with university staff, so it is desirable to have been involved within the team before.

  • Be enthusiastic, and willing to help out when you are needed.


The Head of Marketing produces materials to help promote the society’s events. Marketing is a big job, so it may be necessary to recruit a team of graphic designers. Establishes design standards for the society.

This role involves:

  • Designing our physical media (including flyers, posters, banner stands etc) and our online content (wall banners, posters). Stay on top with marketing trends around campus to stay competitive as a society.

  • Producing a theme and content for our bigger events, including conferences, balls, arrivals weekend and Freshers week.

  • Designing and overseeing the production of society clothing and giveaways with the Head of Publicity.

  • Working closely with the Head of Publicity and keeping to a publicity schedule.

For this role, you should:

  • Be very experienced with graphic design software (e.g. Adobe InDesign, Photoshop)

  • Be creative and organised, and be able to work to deadlines. Communicate effectively with all exec members to understand what the latest updates are.

  • Have high attention-to-detail - always check your work very carefully (e.g. for spelling, mistakes, up-to-date content)


Every Society needs publicity - from selling tickets to giving out merchandise. Having someone focus on this effectively is a great way to recruit more members, network with other societies and create a real buzz around our activities. Additionally, serves as the Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Warwick Engineer’, our sponsored magazine.

This role involves:

  • Creating a marketing strategy for the year ahead, for all events - especially a Fresher's Week project to gain a lot of members early on.

  • Helping the Head of I.T. update our social media.

  • Oversee the production of three copies of 'The Warwick Magazine' - this will require recruiting a magazine team.

For this role, you should:

  • Be approachable and enthusiastic, and willing to engage members.

  • Overseeing the design and production of society clothing and giveaways.

  • Be good with social media (Facebook and Instagram) and highly innovative -  a good marketing campaign can determine attendance at events significantly.

  • Be organised, be able to lead a magazine team, and liaise with all exec members.

Co-head of socials (2 Roles)

This role involves primarily the planning and overseeing of regular socials (and sports), a society formal/ball an a potential tour. Socials are incredibly important at engaging members, making them have fun at University, and providing unity within the society.

This role involves:

  • Planning and promoting the formal events (e.g. society ball). Large tasks in themselves, it may be necessary to assemble a committee.

  • Planning and run smaller socials over the year including alcoholic and non-alcoholic orientated.

  • Supporting the Engineering Society sports teams (e.g. Football and Netball)

  • Planning and promoting the potential tour.

For this role, you should:

  • Be fun, creative, outgoing, energetic and organised. Good at planning and executing memorable events, both big and small.

  • Be enthusiastic and encouraging to members and non-members alike.

  • Keep an active presence within the society, keeping interests peaked.

  • Form a stable relationship with the SU.

head of it

The Head of I.T. has direct responsibility over managing the society’s website, email platform, social media, clickers and PDR point scanners at events.

This role involves:

  • Working heavily with Secretary to ensure good flow of communication internally.

  • Updating the website regularly, and checking our primary email: enquiries@warwickengineers.co.uk

  • Supporting marketing campaigns and staying on top of the society activities.

For this role, you should:

  • A passion for technology. Programming skills (preferably Python) are desirable, but not mandatory.

  • Preferably have an eye for design, and support the Head of Publicity and Head of Marketing.

  • Ensure technology functions properly before, during and after an event (e.g. PDR Scanners, Microphones, Cameras, etc.)